Welcome to Utahns for the Medicaid Expansion

  • carosel-image-peopleWe are a group of individuals and community organizations working to get Governor Herbert to support the Medicaid expansion. 

    The Medicaid expansion would provide access to basic health care to 125,000 poor Utahns who currently have no coverage.  It would bring $3.2 Billion dollars of Federal taxes back to our state to benefit our economy and those who need basic health care.

    The United States is the only western industrialized nation that does not provide basic medical care to their poor, and now is the time to change that. 

    Please become a  part of our group and help us in making Utah a better place

Latest developments

  • The Legislature is now in session!

    The Legislature is now in session, and we hope a bill will be brought forward to allow a version of the Medicaid expansion.  If you haven't already contacted your Representative and Senator, now would be a great time to do so.  We will be teaming up with USARA (Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness) and NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) at their rally on February 20th at the capitol, to ask the legislature to support the Expansion.  We will be filling out more cards and tryin

Stories of who would be helped by the Medicaid Expansion

  • Don

    In 2010 Don got an infection.  He had no insurance, and so didn’t get appropriate care until it spread to his spinal cord and brain.  Survived the infection, but is now permanently disabled as a result.

  • Emily

    Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.  Lost her insurance when she got laid off, and so could not afford the chemotherapy and radiation that her doctors recommended.  The Cancer came back in the fall of 2012, and is now widespread.

  • Sophia

    Lost her insurance when her husband left her and their two young children.  Unable to get on any other insurance because she had a pre-existing condition of diabetes.  Has had multiple emergency room visits and hospitalizations because of not being able to afford the insulin to treat the diabetes.

  • Katherine

    Katherine got infected with West Nile virus while serving an LDS Mission.  Complications from the virus badly damaged her heart, requiring the placement of a double chamber pacemaker.  Got cut off from her parents insurance when she turned 26.  Works part time at the University of Utah in a job that doesn’t have insurance.  Is supposed to be getting the pacemaker checked once every 6 months, but can’t afford the Cardiology visits.

  • Lindsi

    In her first year of Medical school Lindsi was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis.  She kept a full time job for the first two years of medical school just so she could keep insurance coverage.  In the third year of school, her schedule forced her to drop the job, so she got cut off from insurance.  Her Medication costs $5000 per month.

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